144pcs 38mm (1 1/2") Ribbon Clamp End Crimps

Available in Gunmetal and Antique Copper. Great for ribbon chokers, ribbon bracelets, ribbon bookmarks and much more.

144 pieces
38mm or 1 1/2 inch long
about 8mm wide
about 5mm high
about 2mm loop

Trying to add a clasp or other findings to a scrap of ribbon? That's what these ribbon crimp ends are for. They can be clamped onto ribbon, lace, trim, fabric, anything thin and flat. The teeth hold on tight when you press the V-shape closed.

I use them to make ribbon choker necklaces and I think they're essential for making durable ribbon jewelry.

I recommend matching the size of the crimp to the size of your ribbon. It's a nice finishing touch. Sometimes your ribbon might be wider than the clamp. When that happens, I fold the edges so they go into the clamp nice and clean so the end of the ribbon won't fray so easily.

144pcs 38mm (1 1/2") Ribbon Clamp End Crimps listed in:


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144pcs 38mm (1 1/2") Ribbon Clamp End Crimps - product images  of