Hello! Thank you for contacting me. I'll answer as soon as I can. I do not usually answer on holidays or weekends, so please don't expect an answer until some time on Monday or the next business day if you contact me from Friday afternoon through Sunday night. Thanks.

I love hearing about projects you're working on. I started Twilight's Fancy because I like to make things and I love it when others are making things too.

If you're wondering when I'll ship your order, that's easy. I do not ship on holidays or weekends. If you order before about 2 PM Pacific Time, I can probably get your order out on the same day you ordered, but if I don't, it'll go out the next business day. If it's going to take me longer than a business day or two, I'll contact you.

I ship internationally, but cannot control how long it'll take for your order to arrive. Could be a week, could be a month. Maybe more or less. Buyers are responsible for customs and import fees.